thank you for your business

Digichurch began as a response to the sudden and dramatic changes in how churches across the UK needed to conduct their services within the lockdown rules and regulations of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost two years on, we've helped many of you to get livestreaming, improve your digital media, and get trained on AV.

However, we have decided that the time has come to wind down the Digichurch brand and the services it offered. When we started, we knew that it was only a venture for a specific time and purpose, which we feel has now been fulfilled as the UK has stepped back into something which resembles a normality.

We wish all our valued customers all the very best, and if you're looking for help with digital media or AV in your church, why not check out the Christian Creative Directory to find somebody to suit your needs?

God bless,

Ben Huggett, Managing Director